Hi, I’m Lindie! Thanks for visiting my blog. If you’re looking for a photographer, I’m sure you’ve discovered the options are abundant to the point of being overwhelming. While many couples choose their photographer solely on the images they see, the reality is that those beautiful photos are the result of two more important, yet very familiar factors: chemistry and trust. So to help give you a sense of who I am and how we’d get along, here’s a bit more about me.

I got married a few months ago, on a small Island in Greece. My husband and I are parents to the sweetest bull terrier, Penny and for the most part our lives around good food, good friends, and a love for travelling. We live in Cape Town and couldn’t love being here anymore than we already do.

I began documenting weddings in 2011 and have been shooting ever since. When I started, I thought I’d be lucky if anyone were to hire me. Little did I know that photography would take me to places well beyond my small town of Durbanville and would connect me with people who started as clients and quickly became good friends. It’s been a crazy ride but I couldn’t be more grateful to do this for a living and I hope that shows through my images.